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Write For Us

About Us is a marketplace that connects real estate professionals with home buyers/owners. Our blog shares mortgage tips, house buying/selling guides, real estate investment information, etc. 

What to write? 

Any topic that is house related. 

For example:

How I bought my first house with XXk salary;

My experience of buying/selling my house in xx (state);

My experience of mortgage shopping;

My experience of house remodeling;

House maintenance tips;



How much do we pay?

Via PayPal or Venmo – $60 for unpublished original articles; $20 for reprints.



Article requirement:
  • Noted if the article is original or reprints.

  • Prefer word count of 500 to 2500 words

  • Submitted as a Word document

  • Prefer articles that have already been proofread.

  • Educational/informative; the article may NOT be direct sales pieces or include overly promotional language.

  • Language: English, Chinese, Spanish. Popular articles will be translated to other languages for free.


What to submit: 
  • Complete article or article idea with title and description of each paragraph

  • A short author bio.  Your latest picture is optional.

  • Title and Business (with link )

How to submit:

We prefer all submissions by email. Submit your articles to

One last thing: We reserve the right to audit guest posts from time to time, in order to keep our site content fresh and relevant. This may involve adding, editing, or removing text, links, or images; refreshing, redirecting, or consolidating with other articles; or removing the article from publication. In the event that a post is audited, we will make every effort to maintain as much of the original as possible.

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